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Morning cruise: 10:00 h - 15:00 h / afternoon: 15.30 h - 20.30 h (5:00 h)
*Summary: 5-hour catamaran sail, with two stops, one in Es Trenc and another in Es Cargol or 
Cala Màrmols.
Includes welcome drink, lunch or dinner, drinks during the meal, water during the whole excursion, snorkeling equipment,
swimming vests and floting equipment.

Departure from the historic pier located behind the Hotel Marqués in Colonia de Sant Jordi. On board the MAGIC catamaran we offer you a tropical welcome cocktail while you settle, we sail to the spectacular beach of Es Trenc, where we stop in its turquoise waters for a refreshing bath of approximately 45 minutes, we lift anchor and sail along the beautiful coast southeast of Mallorca until you turn Cap Salines and return to the unique beach of Es Cargol where we stop approximately 1:45 hours. You can go back to bathe, enjoy the large floating mat, relax, sunbathe on our wide bow nets and snorkel. In front of this idyllic beach we serve a delicious meal. They can enjoy a last bath. Then we lift anchor and sail back to our starting point 

*La ruta puede ser alterada por circunstancias meteorológicas. 

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mapa mallorca Es trenc
Barbecue of chicken breast, chicken skewers and sausages accompanied by a buffet of green salad and Russian salad. With bread and sauces.
* By request at the time of booking or 24 hours before departure, we offer the option of a vegetarian menu.
A delicious cake and fresh watermelon.
Welcome cocktail.

During lunch / dinner, the following drinks are included: red, white and rosé Wine, Sangría, orange and Lemon Fanta, Cocacola, Sprite, water with and without gas and juices.

Water during the whole trip.

*We only accept payments on board with card (NOT American Express)

*Currently we cannot offer alcoholic beverages on board due to COVID-19 regulations, we will offer alternative nonalcoholic beverages.

It is provided to all customers who want, glasses and snorkel tubes, leaving a deposit of € 10. We have vests for swimming available for children and adults. We have a big floating mat to have fun in the water.

CUSTOMER PICK-UP ZONES (price with our bus transfer):

The "ES TRENC" excursion is mainly aimed at the clients of the East of Mallorca, from Cala Mendia to La Colonia de Sant Jordi. On monday and thursday we also pich up our clients from s'Illot, Sa Coma, Cala Millor and Cala Bona.

On Wednesday and Saturday afternoon we also have pick up service from El Dorado to Palma and from Camp de Mar to Palma.

We collect our clients in the hotel or near it with our coach, at the collection points, and we return them to the departure point once the excursion has finished.


BOARDING AND DISEMBARKATION: At the dock situated next to the Hotel Universal Marqués in Colonia de Sant Jordi. MAP


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